Affinity Aware Scheduling Model Of Cluster Nodes In Private Clouds

Yokoyama, D. M. M. ; Yokoyama, D. M. M. ; Klôh, H. M. ; Bandini, M. B. ; Rebello, E. F. V.

JNCA - Aug. 1, 2017


Running applications on a cloud environment without checking and meeting their allocation and performance requirements may lead to unexpected application slowdown and infrastructure under-utilization. In addition, competition for same shared resources may cause performance degradation when applications with similar resource usage profiles are scheduled concurrently. This paper presents an affinity-based model for scheduling virtual machines that host and run scientific applications on a private cloud environment. The main contributions of the proposed model are: i) an approach that exploits the concept of affinity relations among competitive applications; ii) a set of experiments using consolidated HPC benchmarks and their analysis to assess the performance of two concurrent applications; and iii) a novel scheduling algorithm based on an affinity relation among competitive applications